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Bibliotēka N1 Restorāns

Bibliotēka №1Restorāns is a story about the most beautiful park of the city, the unlimited possibilities in the world of taste, and an unforgettable journey through the vineyards of Italy. We have created a unique modern library of Latvian cuisine, where the most high-quality seasonal ingredients are used, and where rich experience is combined with fresh inspiration. On the one hand, well-known classical dishes are king here, while on the other endless fantasy reigns in a search for new tastes and sensations which turn any lunch or dinner into an unforgettable journey. Bibliotēka №1Restorāns combines nature with roomy space, exquisite food with a great jump into the heavens, and the classics with bold creativity. This is a journey both through Latvian cuisine and through a totally new world. Beside here you will find specially selected by our sommelier Champagne carte with more than 130 positions from more than 20 Champagne houses and growers.