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The Botanist

Fri, Sat 12.00-01.00
Riga's pioneering restaurant and bar, with a vertical farm, cultivating a variety of crops on-site. Ensuring evergreen menu the whole year round: basil, mustard, pees, kale, rocket and many more vitamin boosted freshly grown ingredients find their way into delectable sauces, salads, side dishes, and even contribute to the refreshing house lemonades and cocktail syrups and cordials. The owner Klaus aka 'the botanist' brought together superb apt team of professionals. Dinārs Šacs worked as a sous chef at the top Riga gourmet establishments and now debuts here passionately as a head chef. The head-mixologist Arvīds puts his unique twist on classic cocktails, infusing them with the distinctive flavors of the restaurant's homegrown greens, his counterpart Pavels is cheerfully mixing them before your eyes. Every Thu evening selected live jazz shows. Additionally, the establishment hosts a bi-monthly rotation of exhibitions showcasing works by talented Latvian artists. Friendly priced creative, delicatessen based seasonal cuisine, satisfactory portions, nonchalant cool!