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The Ned

Sat 11.00-18.00
Sun 12.00-18.00
Еlegant, minimalistic The Ned is it's own genre. The only local cafeteria selling bean-to-bar chocolate, made from single origin coffee beans (agroforestry) from equatorial countries, from niche Swedish, Norway, US, Madagascar brands. Also fresh Deli: sandwiches, quiches, chocolate bread with non-gluten, yeast-free options. Trendy desserts, for instance: baked apple fluffy pastille or choco glazed dates. Keen baristas will pair it with variety of hot chocolate or specialty locally roasted coffee brews with vegan milk, made in state of the art, the only in the Baltics La Marzocco Modbar machine or filter-way. Also serving coffee drinks with Baileys and gluhwein. Seasonal designful eatable and non-eatable souvenirs. Ukranian owned and operated. New generation specialty cafeteria!