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Oak'A Burger

Hearty Latvian chef and enterpreneur Kristaprs Ozols ('ozols' stands for 'oak' in Latvian) after working at the legendary Texas /USA/ Bodacious Mobberly decided to become a pioneer for smash burger and BBQ culture in Latvia. The company sky-rocketed selling the biggest amount of craft burgers in town (10-15k monthly!), producing around 50 different author's spicy, sweet sour a.o. BBQ seasonings, we loved Cola BBQ, Apple-Whiskey, Karolines BBQ, spicy Habanero-Pineapple, also selling inventive spice mixes and sharing their chef's recipes for your home-grilling. Take a nice walk through the craft beer and street food Avotu street quarter, choose among dozen crunchy and juicy smash burgers made from the local farmer's beef or game, handmade sauces, special brioche bun, home-pickles, fresh veggies to marry it with their white label BBQ craft beer. Unmissable!