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Alus Rūme Trofeja

Mon- closed
Craft beer brewery, shop and tap room housed in the cozy mansion of 'Avotu republic hood' owned and operated by local master brewer Valdis Novikovs. As Valdis humorously noted, his brewery is not even micro, but nano– consists of ten only 200l brewing tanks. Meaning much more work for Valdis and much more creative and fresh craft brews for us. We liked that comparing to all other LV craft breweries, the beer is really light, just perfect for the long voice-noise beer evenings. Six seasonal beers on tap around six more bottled, all are connoisseur-level-sophisticated; among them fragile Singlis Hopsons single hop APA (hop varying from season to season), cranberry-honey dry-ish mead Jaņogu Trans, Lemon grass dry APA Vīgans, mind-blowing passion-fruit double IPA and many more! Total must-experience, during your Riga craft beer walk.