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Vīna Studija Splendid

Fri, Sat 12.00-01.00
Sun 12.00-22.00
Nestled within the stylish mid-century modernist building adjacent to the historic baroque Splendid Cinema, the wine bar from the prominent Resto-Rātors group (Space Falafel, Piazza Italiana) is a standout in Riga's culinary scene. A noteworthy extension of the original Vina Studija concept, this chic establishment deserves special recognition. Helmed by Victor Ravdive, executed by chef Margarita Daniščuka the menu boasts top-notch dry-aged meats, seafood-based cold and hot tapas, nori tacos in the mood of Mediterranean and Asian fusion gourmet. Complementing these culinary creations is an extensive selection of hand-picked wines and expertly crafted seasonal cocktails by their mixologists. Guests can even choose a bottle from the on-site shop wine cellar, with the option to savor it on-site for an additional €9 – a remarkably wallet-friendly offering compared to many other wine bars in Riga. Designed by Alexander Vasilenko, the interior exudes sleek sophistication with soft curves, modern shapes, and an Art Deco minimalist aesthetic featuring materials like marble, metal, wood, and leather. It comes as no surprise that on Friday and Saturday evenings, the venue becomes a top magnet for the trendsetting, sexy, upscale Riga crowd.