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Closed– Mon, Sun
Fine meet restaurant, selected highest quality products, rare wines and intimate atmoshere. Specialising on fine meats of direct supply from the best steak regions of the world (Spain, USA, Argentina, Japan) impeccably grilled, pan broiled, seared, steamed, roasted before your eyes on their open kitchen. Served on the heated pan, so you can control your steak doneness yourself. Set in the aristocratic eco minimalistic interior at newly built Zunda Towers highscrapper. The main attraction is their wine room boasting the trendiest, limited edition niche vintages, you literally can't get anywhere else in Latvia. Among them the pearls from Francis Ford Coppola's vineyards, the oldest XII century Spanish winemakers wines, also notorious Brad Pitt- Angelina Jolie champagne. Signature mixologist cocktails and distinguished service. One of the brightest new Riga gourmet attractions!