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Centrālais Gastro Tirgus (Central Gastro Market)

Fri, Sat, Sun 11.00-21.00
There is no way you can underestimate the historical moment of lifting the whole idea of Riga Central Market to such heights! Largest Europe's market and bazaar with more than a centennial history, has turned the new glossy page thanks to the adamant power and cosmic ambitions of Victor Ravdive and the whole Resto-Rātors crew. Now Riga has the food court, taking almost entire pavilion with the worlds yummiest street-food and snacks. Oysters and prosecco, burgers, pizzas, fish'n'chips, gastro-hot dogs, craft beer, pancakes, wafers, raw food, falafels, sabychs, shawarmas, ramens and Thai soups, sushi, sashimi and dozens more in the comfort of single location with the dj music on the background. All is prime product and quality combination. At last, the Riga market vibe is hip, fun, trendy. I think we never saw so many young and sexy people on the Central Market territory. Keep it up! All our support!