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Mary Yuzovskaya
Queer On Acid
Michael Myth
Paul Hnikin
2B (1)

Have you dreamed of underground rave? Let’s party together on May 31st at the warehouse space H206 in the beautiful city of Riga. Enjoy a 12-hour sonic journey starting from 21:00 and ending at dawn. The groove is calling..

Under the guidance of these talented techno titans from Latvia and abroad, you will be transported into a world of pure energy and happiness. Get ready for techno. Among the crowd, you will find people of different ages, cultures, and nationalities, united by a common love for music and freedom of self-expression. There is no place for prejudice or stereotypes here – only pure devotion to art and the joy of connection.

The beauty of music lies in its ability to bridge the gaps between us, fostering connections that are deeper than words. We focus on taking everything to a whole new level. Experience not only the music, experience different arts coming together. Let’s ignite the dark and heavy underground scene within Baltic states.

Don't miss this event and join us from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM on May 31st 2024. You will never forget this night. Let's rave together at "Telpa"!


- Private Bar
- Fan Zone
- Priority Entrance

You can expect a journey of peak time techno and acid. Dream with us.

** Warning: Tickets are limited and will sell out. Please sign-up and get your tickets when they're released. Max capacity is 1000 only.

*** We apply zero tolerance for negative, rude, violent, homophobic, condescending attitude toward other customers or our staff.