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Central Park West

Vladimir Tuzov – keys
Dmitry Karpov – bass guitar
Julia Savelyeva – guitar
Anton Vysotsky – drums
Rodion Kuzmin - vocals
Sergey Golomazov

Sergey Golomazov, the staging director:
"Woody Allen is generally expected to deliver funny stories, and he usually lives up to expectations. But Central Park West is not only a sitcom, but also a sarcastic revelation of a play, and this is the very layer of meanings I am especially interested in. On the surface, there is a situation worthy of an anecdote: an adultery and a number of accompanying surprises for all the parties involved. However, if you dig deeper, a more serious topic emerges: no matter how successful, wealthy and lucky a person is, this does not guarantee the presence of high spiritual qualities in them and does not insure against inner emptiness and ignorance; and sooner or later, the true content of a personality will be revealed. Besides, in some situations, the husk – as well as the gilding – peels off especially quickly, both from people and from relationships. We will try to talk – and play – about this matter. So it will be funny, of course, but I think there will be something to ponder over, too."

Surtitles in Latvian and English.
In order to read conveniently, it's recommemnded to choose seats not closer than Row 6!