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Chicki Picki

Local owners, local chef, local chicken. Under the spell of humble appeal for the uncomplicated concept– just chicken. Chicken thigh, wings, breast prepared using only salt and pepper, under one of seven glazes on your choice: classic, garlic, spicy, BBQ, sweet chilli, Texas and a snip of butter to round it up. Not easy to get bored choosing different taste each time, right? Basically it is street food for the fast food price, but the way chefs do it lifts your experience to much healthier, fresher and tastier levels than standardised fast eats. They also serve quesadillas with mentioned chicken+glaze. RTW hint: amiable Upīša Pasāža is a perfect open-air terrace to enjoy your meal (in the given conditions). Prices vary around € 3.50 per portion. We loved it!