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Event Cancellation calendar/ Календарь отмен мероприятий

March 17, Tuesday - April 17, Friday
We try to quickly inform people about date changes and cancellations of concerts with refunds for tickets. A large number of transfers, cancellations and closures of institutions for an indefinite time.

We well understand the discontent of people who purchased tickets, but you need to get into position and accept the situation, preferably without panic

At the moment, every day we receive a huge number of questions about the return of tickets. Everyone will get the refund! The main thing is not to panic and not to think that only you are the only one who has not received the promised show and who has not been refunded for the ticket purchased. There are more than 15,000 of them, and the number is growing every day.

Each ticket operator at this stage is trying its best to help its customers in this situation. Let's calm down and be patient. It is strong patience in our situation that will help not to breed fuss and panic around questions of 20 or 50 euros

We will also continue to try to publish the latest information on our Telegram channel: https://t.me/bestbalticevents

Большое спасибо всем, кто делится нашей группой в нашей Telegram-группой «Baltic Events», так как сейчас множество организаторoв мероприятий переживают не самые лучшие времена. Мы стараемся оперативно доносить до людей информацию о переносах и отменах концертов с возвратом денег за билеты. Большое количество переносов, отмен и закрытий заведений на неопределённое время

Мы хорошо понимаем недовольство людей, которые приобрели билеты, но нужно войти в положение и принять ситуацию желательно без паники