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Sculpture Quadrienalle

September 05, Saturday - October 31, Saturday
Sculpture Quadrennial Riga is an international contemporary art festival focusing on sculpture and installation. Founded in 1972, it is held once every four years and has developed as one of the leading art events in the Baltic Sea Region.

The theme of the Festival Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2020 is “Wonders of Democracy”. Sculpture has historically been associated with the concept of space and its it is often necessary to “construct an ideological space by marking the center of power”, so continuing TKR tradition, also in 2020 the festival will look at the peculiarity of the current Western political situation, reflecting on political developments in the shadow of the clash of liberal and conservative views that resulted in phenomena such as the political supremacy of the far right in both the US and In the UK, reflected in events such as the Trump Wall or Brexit.

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