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Incredibly attractive erotic movies on the big screen of the Splendid Palace cinema! We will offer to watch the seven best, most passionate and sexiest short films from the short film festival "BEST EROTIC SHORTS"

Forget about prejudice, modesty and fear. Opens the soul to emotions, feelings, pleasure and passion.

We meet in the cinema hall with muted light, slightly electrifying sense of anticipation and erotic mood on the big screen.

We guarantee - this date will not end only with a visit to the cinema ....

The program includes short films from Spain, Brazil, France, Sweden, Poland.

Please note that only 25 tickets are sold per session. In order to ensure the safety of spectators, persons with visible signs of respiratory infection - cough and runny nose, as well as high body temperature (body temperature will be measured at the entrance) will not be admitted to the cinema "Splendid Palace".