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Rigas Ritmi Festival. A BU. TIANCHANG BAND

Kong Hongwei - piano, band leader, Feng Mantian - ruan, Ding Xiaokui - flute, Shao Haha - drums, Xu Guangjun - bass, Liang Zhipeng - guitar, Liu Xiaoguang - sax, Li Roujie - guzheng, Yeerbuluo Wulazihan - percussion

"Tianchang Band" is a band of highly professional musicians from China, their style is combining Chinese folk music with Western jazz. Band integrates such Chinese elements as poems, folk music, themes reflecting Chinese history or current situation, and even Chinese feelings, mixing it all with Western modern music.

The band’s compositions have strong Chinese aura, but the main idea is to unite Eastern and Western culture in music, reminding that we are living in one world. "Tianchang Band" has visited the United States, Russia, Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and other countries.

A Bu - piano
19 years old Chinese pianist who won "Montreux Jazz Piano Competition" and recently Jazz Artists Contest "Riga Jazz Stage". He lives in New York studying classical music at prestige Julliard school.

Unusual stage name is given by A Bu's father already 18 years ago. Those are the first sounds his son talked.

"A Bu is a highly creative and accomplished jazz pianist who is also a gifted composer. I regard him as a promising young jazz lion who has a brilliant career ahead of him and will surely be talked about for many years to come." Michel Camilo.