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Rumi Fest. Alper Akçay and trio Hamdam

The musical program of the Festival is opened with the concert by the Turkish dance virtuoso Alper Akçay accompanied by the trio of Iranian musicians “Hamdam”.

Art and music of the East have many faces and facets, and this performance unites very distant in time époques and aesthetic types of art – oriental choreography, combining traditions and modern trends, and Persian music, dating back to ancient times.

Alper Akçay, a talented multigenre artist, will demonstrate to the audience his mastery in dance improvisation and original pieces of choreography based on ancient mystic Sufi rituals, merging whirling and dance. He will perform together with the trio “Hamdam”, playing the repertoire that mainly comprises compositions based on poems by the greatest Sufi poet and philosopher Jalaluddin Rumi. The dance and the music, weaving lace from melodies and movements, will tell us that the magic of art brings colours of joy and inspiration to the world. Lyrical and entrancing mix of Rumi’s poetry, sounds of Ney (reed flute), played by one of the world best Ney players Dariush Rasouli, completed by Iranian Daf and Kurdish Lute will enchant the audience, as music indeed is a transcendent world, strings of life itself.