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Valley of the Strange :: Parallel

The Parallel Photo Platform exhibition in Riga highlights six emerging European artists who use photography to explore the boundaries of time and the disruption of the ordinary. The exhibition considers the role of the image in navigating past and present, while questioning how photography and film can defamiliarize our everyday encounters with the world. Curator - Eric Lawton (US)

The works live in the hyperreal — zooming in and focusing on our innermost fears — blurring truth and fiction, and everything else in between. Nostalgia, superstition, and the ephemeral coalesce to form an unsettling tension. Far from avoiding the uncomfortable, these artists relish it, embracing moments both typical and deeply alienating: an exposed eyeball, cracked glass, a haunting cry. It is specifically in these seconds of uncertainty and trepidation that our rich sensation of life is finally awakened.