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07.30 - 11.00 (breakfast)
12.00-last client
That’s what we call “in the lap of luxury”. Calm and whispering- intimate all attention, almost intuitive service in the astonishing antique Baroque/Art Deco surroundings, without waiting to make a reservation for weeks—this is possible only in Latvia. Fit for a king, Latvian gourmet menu, also using seasonal local ecological produce, transforming ethnic Latvian recipes into a gourmet experience, prepared with pressure, sous vide and slow cooking techniques. Sample their rye waffles with fish selection, gentle grubotto and basil cheese cake made without heating. Handpicked mostly French wines—try the very special Chateau de Berne, brought exclusively from the Provence. Local hand-mixed herbal tea from Limoges porcelain as a digestive. You will be surprised by the establishment’s pricing policy—any two meals € 34, any 3 meals € 39 per person. Eclat!