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Mint Circus Carnival Of Nightmares

October 29, Saturday 21.00
Event type: 18+ costume party
Venue: Padejosim, Brīvības iela 401c, Rīga
Date: October 29, 2022
Time: 21:00 - 03:00
Dress code: Halloween costume

General admission - from €10
VIP packages - from €75

Musical performances
DJ Stocka - 21:00
MARTA - 23:30
Aivo Oskis - 00:00
DJ Gustavito - 00:30

Included special touches
Red carpet + pro photographer
Unlimited photo booth
Mystery entertainers
'Day After Mint Circus' e-gift


What are the differences between tickets?
Golden Tickets are discounted General Admission tickets that we offer at every event to the first 100 guests.
General Admission tickets gain a guest access to the Carnival of Nightmares.
VIP packages are tailored for guests who desire the luxury to be served food & drink in a private, security-protected seating area.

Is the venue handicapped accessible?

Do I have to print my ticket?
No, after purchasing your ticket you will be sent QR codes that can be stored & presented on your mobile device. You are welcome to print tickets, of course, but it is not required.

Do I have to wear a Halloween costume & what are the guidelines?
We highly encourage guests to wear a Halloween costume in order to create a magical atmosphere. If you prefer not to wear a costume, the dress code is sexy sophisticated.
Our DJs and recording artists will choose their favorite costume and will award prizes all night long.

What experiences can I expect at Carnival of Nightmares?
Carnival of Nightmares is a multi-sensory costume party staged in a stimulating environment that includes live music performances, dance music provided by professional DJs, mystery performances, multiple bar & lounge locations, a food counter, lights (including strobe flashes), fog & special effects.

Is there any food or drink available?
Yes, we will provide multiple bar locations & a food counter. All food & drink can be pre-ordered at a discount price when purchasing a ticket. If you would prefer to purchase your items at the event, we accept debit/credit card payments only.

Are there restrooms available?

Is there event security?

Does the venue have parking available?
The venue does not have dedicated parking, but is in proximity to several public lots. There is an abundance of public transportation available.

Can I arrive any time or re-enter the event?
Yes, you may arrive any time during the event. If you leave the venue your hand will be stamped, which will allow you to re-enter. Re-entry is permitted until the event closes at 3:00AM

What will the musical performances be like?
Our recording artist & DJ will perform on a professional stage with complete sound & lights production. You'll have front row access to all the exciting performances.

How do I redeem my pre-ordered food & drinks?
You will receive QR codes for pre-ordered items. To pickup your item, simply present the QR code to the bartender before placing your order.