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Royal Castle Holidays

As Buddhists say, we all were kings and queens in our previous lives. We invite you to recall those simple royal pleasures with your darlings, spending a few days with your Valentine or family in a real castle in Latvia. Here’s a top five of exceedingly beautiful manors, offering full hospitality services, including restaurants, SPA, accommodation, horseback riding, excursions and even medieval style weddings. To have the possibility to stop for a walk in small fairy-tale Latvian cities, why not rent a car with GPS for your ‘royal travel’.

Neo-Gothic Biriņi castle (www.birinupils.lv) was built in 1860 and is considered the most impressive representative of Latvian manor architecture. Located close to Riga (just 55km), it is located near the picturesque lake Biriņi, surrounded by parks, ponds, hills and meadows. Offers horseback riding, saunas, event celebration, conferences, children activities.
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Dīkļi Castle
(www.diklupils.lv), a neo-Baroque palace, built in 1896 is surrounded by a 20 hectar park with a duck pond. The original interior is well preserved, and it has a collection of beautiful stoves and fireplaces. The manor offers eco SPA, romantic holiday packages. We recommend to take an extreme off-road hiking tour around the palace, the beautifully rapid Gauja river and enormous (up to 25m!) high sandstone cliffs.
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Kukšu Manor (www.kuksumuiza.lv) was built in 1725. It is the only manor in the Baltics where original wall-paintings have been preserved and restored. 11 accommodation rooms are decorated with impeccable preciseness. The owners are professional antiquarians, so each object is a piece of art and history. Adored by local and overseas diplomats, interior designers and stylists.

Medieval Jaunpils castle (www.jaunpilspils.lv) was built in 1301 as a fortress for the Livonian order. The site is famous for its re-enacted theatrical tours. Get familiar with the daily life of medieval monks, jesters, lords and servants of the castle. Serves as a hotel, restaurant, medieval pub and a museum. Wonderful church and water mill.

Neo Gothic/Art Nouveau Jaunmoku palace (www.jaunmokupils.lv) was built in the first half of 19th century as a hunting residence for Riga mayor George Armitstead. One of Jaunmoku Palace’s highlights is its forestry museum with the finest collection of hunting weapons. Participate in a winter orienteering game—with snowshoes—around the palace area. Works also as a hotel, conference facility and restaurant.