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After spending almost all your money, eating at all the newest and poshest gourmet spots, we strongly recommend to try out the “fairy taily”, residential-bohemian places. The concept unites local traditions both in DIY interiors and grandma’s recipes using mainly local ingredients, add the most curious locations and the warmest atmosphere – a total must!

Let’s start with Baznīcas and Lačplēša streets corner. The first thing you notice, is the small worn-out country house complex, unexpectedly squeezed in-between tall and cream coloured prewar buildings in the old centre. The one with the entrance from Baznīcas iela (N.14) is Fazenda bazars, the trend pioneer. Small local greens and vegetables market (works starting from spring), small bakery at the entrance, scrumptious fresh pies, cakes, cookies made according to the special family recipes, than irresistibly cosy dining room for the full course eco local menu. Enter the same house complex from Lačplēša street, and face the funky local DIY fashion Muhamors shop, that also sells homemade chocolate, herb teas, fresh juices. After this, funky bicycle bar Miit (10 Lačplēša iela)—order a personally designed bicycle, enjoy hipsters wave and try their irresistibly cheap and inventive business lunch, perfect new music on the background.

Take a nice walk through beautiful Skolas iela, by Ģertrūdes church and Daile theatre, and you are on Miera iela, which goes through parks and Old German Cemetery to Mežaparks district. Start by rolling into the little bit underground Taka cafe (10 Miera iela), garage shabby chic, home kitchen, live non-mainstream music events around three nights a week. Dad Cafe (17 Miera iela) is a more intelligent place, which also serves homemade cakes and art: live jazz events, photo exhibitions. Illuseum Tea Rooms (19 Miera iela) offers properly prepared and served best tea from Asia, books, sofas, hookahs and complete escapism.

You have to count an additional day for the Agenskalns district, take tram N.4 (opposite Stockmann) and go up to Nometņu iela. Narrow, quiet streets in all directions, churches, old wooden houses, almost all with stove heating. Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, National Romanticism houses—living evidence of Riga’s history. Don’t miss the second Fazenda bazars outlet (7 Nometņu iela) – perfect yard terrace creative soups and salads, same heartiness and lightness. Incontrovertibly visit the Kalnciema iela block– total residential gateway, includes: interior design shop, Vīna Veikals wineshop, Māja restaurant. Local eco markets and concerts almost every Saturday Kalnciema Kvartāls. Take on your walking shoes and explore them one by one!