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The latest craze, that occupies outer appearance, music tastes and lifestyles of millions of youngsters around the globe can be fully celebrated in Riga. We like the way the young, contemporary, intelligent, bohemian crowd is finding their own alternative to posh consumption-driven globalised world. Follow our list of shopping, dining and clubbing sources of hipster boys and girls inspiration and dive into the subculture. All places are run by subculture carriers, meaning, the interior, the food, the music—all is handmade and hand-picked.

Start with an authentic hipster haircut, beard/moustache styling at the Wood Religion, designed in USA fifties style, heavy leather armchairs, white-red-blue barber pole, using original products from Baxter of California, American Crew and Mr Natty. Or the most recent Lumbejack Barber Shop with key Old Riga location. Then go through the selected second-hand garments in Humana Vintage shop (16 Ģertrūdes iela), or STAG concept shop (1-8a Alberta iela) for expensive beautiful contemporary gentlemen design items.

All kinds of funky shoes, bags, jackets and accessories can be found at Bang Bang shop/cafeteria (18/20 Kālēju iela). Feel hungry? Head to Miit (10 Lāčplēša iela), cafeteria/veggie-restaurant/fixie bicycle workshop. Creative cheap lunches and beautiful pricey tailored handmade fixies. Don’t miss the Innocent Cafe (34 Blaumaņa iela) their kitchen and coffee is so good, that many freelance hipsters consider those spots as home and office, spending the whole day there.

Vieta Cafe (61 K. Valdemāra iela), headquarters of local independent arts&culture mag ‘Veto’ offers alcohol and live events on weekend evenings. For the late night dances, live music, cinema, performances, exhibitions, head to Kaņepe Cultural Centre (15 Skolas iela), the huge black lion on the building will help you find it. Top off your rich day by craft beer and single malts, now also european cuisine and hipster haircuts and in the grey-sodden edgy Vest bar-club.