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“Culture and Arts Project NOASS” is a creative intelligence association that is in the sixteenth year of its operating existence and is one of the oldest non-governmental arts and culture organizations in Latvia. NOASS’ goal is to participate in the formation of the Latvian and European cultural environment.

In the main, NOASS supports the realization of contemporary arts projects in an urban environment, making art part of the daily lives of residents of Riga and visitors to the city. Furthermore, for several years now association have participated in the planning and programming of the contemporary arts forum, “White Night”, the annual “Riga City Festival” and the “International Museums Night”, as well as realizing a range of individual projects.

NOASS main activities:
Floating Art Gallery NOASS and BETANOVUSS
“Waterpieces” International Contemporary and Video Art Festival
Noass Video Art Archive and Video Art Database
Naive art museum of Latvia
Artists in residence
International Cooperation
The Association of Non-Governmental Contemporary Culture Organizations