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An island on the Daugava river, which only a few years ago was full of abandoned sheds, has become a popular place for bathing and recreation after the launch of renovation works. The Lucavsala park attracts children, those who prefer active recreation and other residents who want to enjoy nature while remaining close to the city centre.

The park has a swimming area equipped with changing cabins. The beach has been designed so that both children and adults can swim safely. It is located right across from Zaķusala island, granting a view that will make you forget you are in the centre of the city. There is a shoal in the middle of the river which can be safely reached from the bank and volleyball pitches next to the bathing area.

The playground has everything children need to have fun - they can jump, slide, climb, or play in a sandbox. They can also make new friends among the many children who visit!

The wakepark is located on the right side of the island, in front of the TV centre. The park has a 230-metre long cable system for wakeboarding. At the moment, the park is equipped with two kickers (trampolines), one 3 metres high, which is perfect for learning air raley and other tricks. It also has a 19-metre long slide for beginners and a 18-metre long slide for more experienced riders.

Next to the park there is a nice cafe that on weekends hosts parties and screens open-air movies.

Equipment rental is available. Life vests, helmets and the advice of an instructor are provided free of charge.

On Sundays yoga enthusiasts gather in Lucavsala. On warm summer evenings, the park is frequented by locals who come here for a night swim and romantic atmosphere.