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Piazza Italiana

Housed in a beautiful and carefully restored XVII century storage building, it boasts six halls spread over three floors with VIP lounge, wine cellar, tables with a view and cozy hide-aways. Brand chef Remo Mazzucato’s alumnus Sergey Barmin delivers the real Italian fine-product based, authentic gastronomy with a slight author’s twist into your plate. Almost all dishes on the vast menu will be prepared from scratch when ordered. The freshest, seasonal, daily-home-made dishes—fresh pasta, carpaccio (separate menu), paperthin pizzas, meat/poultry/sea-food, gelato/sorbetto a.o. Matched by their sommelier with appropriate direct supply I.G.T. wines. Surprisingly, the restaurant has managed to keep that easy-friendly vibe, where you would love to leave a tip. This place is a song! Perfectly orchestrated, lively, balanced, self-assure. We love it!