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Space Falafel

Fri 07.30-01.00
Sat 11.00-01.00
Sun 11.00-22.00
So-hip-it-hurts, Mid Century/Bauhaus gastro bar with Israeli+Mid Eastern cuisine is a genuine sparkler! Space Falafel is a collaboration of famous producers agency Pietro with two restaurant giants. Every inch of the interior, from the doors and tiles, to furniture and utensils is a mix of bespoke craft and vintage masterpieces + rare local and Israeli street art pieces, assembled into one vision and realised by hip local design firm StudioMonolithe. The menu by Victor Ravdive and Israeli brand chef Ofer Sasson, brings you the yummiest home-made mid-Eastern meals with a slight creative turn, we loved non-kosher dolma with prawns and challah bread pastrami sandwich. You will not be disappointed with hummus, falafel, red and white shakshuka (served all-day), plenty gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan options, extensive meze +egg by your choice within the breakfast menu. Soon also mid-Eastern minded author's cocktails and selected only-vinyl live dj sets. Highly addictive spot!