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Beef Eaters

Sun, Mon 12.00-22.00
To uncover a restaurant like this, even for a Rigan, is a genuine treasure! Located a wee bit off the tourist track, on the gorgeous Bauhaus/National Romanticism Zaubes street, this meat house is the genuine predator’s refuge. We loved their ‘Just Meat’ menu: ‘Fillet Mignon’, ‘Stripolin’ or ‘Rib Eye’ steak, plus homemade sauce—we recommend the 48-hour simmered ‘demi-glace’—and grilled veggies. It is made immaculately from local beef (except the ‘Rib Eye’ from Australia/Argentina), without any additives or marinades. Also soups, salads, kebabs, burgers, tartares, dumplings, even pâte—all is exclusively home-made and wow-delectable! Strikingly open-hearted service! We would say ‘like at home’, but we doubt that anybody can do it so good at home.