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Breakfast 7.00-10.00
The introduction of Accor Hotels' new Tribe lifestyle concept marks a departure from traditional accommodations, offering a modern, welcoming, and laid-back atmosphere within the confines of a stunning 1901 Art Nouveau building in Riga. Inside, the space is adorned with a superb blend of hip & funky mid-century chic, creating an environment conducive to work, relaxation, dining, and socializing. Recognizing the importance of culinary diversity, the Tribe restaurant boasts fusion menu of tapas and mains that seamlessly blends Latvian culinary staples like rye bread, sprats, blood sausage, and caraway cheese with international, Californian and Oriental favorites such as hummus, burgers, salads and pasta. Find Latvia inspired cocktails among their mixologist level drinks. Additionally, weekend evenings are enhanced with live dj performances.