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Ikos Olivia

Fri Sat 12.00-23.00
Sun 12.00-22.00
closed Mon. Tue
The cuisine of Ikos Olivia combines haute Mediterranean (Italian, Greek, French, Spanish) cuisine with Scandinavian gourmet trends! The seafood comes from Norway, Kamchatka and the Mediterranean. Their fish ceviche, crab and Norway turbot was on the menu for the queen of Norway. Using molecular cuisine, circulation, slow-cooking, even smoking fish and game in their own smoke-house, the chef gets the perfect texture for each slice and fillet on your plate. Airy, gentle sauces, bisques and stocks, are made slowly, using the waters and juice of the very products prepared. And the prices—yet too good for this kind of level. Two-storey, mansion restaurant, housed in a National Romanticism pre-war wooden villa in the Art-Nouveau district. Epic, unique!