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Street Fries Kitchen

Sun. 11.00-21.00
Irresistibly uncomplicated delectability concept. Burgers, pancakes, fries and waffles. Swift service, hefty portions all made on the spot from local ingredients using bulletproof recipes. Seriously, what can be more yummy-tasty than Belgian fries (crunchy on the surface, puree underneath) or puffy US-style pancakes assembled in a layer-cake with custard cream, caramel and berries. More than 12 sizeable burgers with brioche buns, try out the aristocratic with foie gras or massive with triple cutlet (480gr of meat!). Otherworldly Flemish big thin salty pancakes with chili con carne and real Belgian waffles. All formulas developed to superiority. Besides, wow-selection of Belgian beers including trappistes, saisons, krieks, doubles and triples. Street food festival under the roof of a single diner.