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Draft Bar

Made by genuine party-throwers, these spacious bar-restaurants have it all covered. Just take your buddies, or beloved sit back in their US-diner-like semi-circular sofa and enjoy your pint delivered in your personal tap by the ceiling beer- pipes (whaa?!). American style juicy comfort cuisine, 30+ local and international beers with a pro Latvian craft selection, sports TV non-stop, summer terrace, betting, quizzes, live music on weekends, self-service dispenser machine to pour yourself the desired amount of 7 daily choice of whiskies. We loved their burgers and crazy starter-snacks such as pickled-tempura cucumbers, crunchy buffalo wings and vegan 'buffalo wings' from culliflower under amazing home-made sauces. Also author's cocktails, themed evenings and even tiny menu for your dog! This magnetic place makes you happier!