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Delicious street food collaboration of Azerbaijani chef Aydin and Latvian chef Kaspars. Already notorious among the city center dwellers (almost to the same degree as Notorious B.I.G. adorning one of their interior walls). With the special focus on chicken dishes, their menu offers kebabs (in the delectable Lebanese lavash), falafel, wings and burgers. Essentially the chefs-owners see themselves as creative succesors of 1930-ies Tennesy, Nashville chicken-and-fries-tradition. We would say more– it is comfort food fusion; they use traditional Latvian cheese salad, Mid-Eastern-minded recipes for the kebabs and falafel and treating spiciness with the utmost honour. We suggest pulled pork + crunchy chicken burger and cheese salad burger in irresistable brioche buns. They don't spare the greens and veggies, elevate yourself to the ultra hot 'carolina rippers' level if you dare. Prices around €5-7, worth every penny!