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Dagnia Bruvere Tiirs

Sat 10.00-22.00
The very first healthy gastronomy restaurant in Latvia, brought to such a high-up level. Located on the aristocratic Ausekļa street, light, elegant, voguish Tiirs is absolutely immaculate, regarding the choice of eco-bio ingredients, its seasonal variety and the slow-food preparation techniques (sous-vide, steaming) keep all nutrients alive. Trust the expertise of Dagnia Bruvere, patroness of the establishment, she is a dietologist for more than 15 years, her legendary know-how – nutrient filled, take-away set for a day is also available here. Raw food, vegetarian, vegan, meat and fish, gluten free seasonal menu includes all latest healthy eating trends. Furthermore, they even squeeze almond milk at the spot. Treat yourself to their breakfast, business or a la carte menu to explore how exquisitely 'yummy' can be 'healthy'. Also grande bourgeoisie cocktails, amazing confectionary and powerballs, zummos and micro healthfood shop.