Riga This Week - FREE RIGA CITY GUIDE made by locals since 1992
Baja Bikes is the biggest tour operator worldwide for bike tours, offering guided tours and bike rental in over 150 cities and destinations, including Riga. Tours are led in English with local guides, and are designed to show the city highlights in a few hours. Tours are ideal for city trippers who are looking to see the best of the city in a few hours, and for a fun and eco-friendly way of sightseeing.

In Riga, they offer a Highlights Tour, designed to show the city's highlights in 2.5 hours. For those who have already seen the highlights and want to go off the beaten track, they can choose the Alternative Tour, which takes you through the Moscow District, the Jewish Quarter and along the Daugava River. For those wanting to explore on their own, they can choose between a Private Bike Tour or a Bike rental. All tours are fairly priced and designed to be entertaining and informative at the same time.