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Agenskalns market

The Agenskalns market is the oldest, largest and old-line market of Pardaugava (part of the city on the west bank of Daugava River). Market covers an area of 8,3 thousand square meters. There are 219 trade places in the open area in spring, summer and autumn and it’s possible to get various fruit, berries, vegetables and other bounty of nature.

There are 116 trade places in vegetable pavilion and 108 trade places in the meat pavilion. The rational modernist style of the early 20 century is characteristic for the Agenskalns market’s buildings. Red brick external walls are decorated by white furnish. On a facade vertical apertures of windows and decorative furnish of a pipe stands out brightly.

The internal bearing structure is made of the metal frame on which the trading galleries built at level of the second floor, and also covering of trellised metal frame works with integral windows. The project of pavilion of the Agenskalns market was developed by the main architect of the Riga city, Reynkhold Shmeling. Construction of new pavilion was begun in 1911, but because of the First World War it was stopped and resumed in 1923 only. In 1925 interior works were finished.