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Fri, Sat. 16.00-02.00
Closed – Mon
This elegantly slick cocktail bar, fits posh embassy district just right. CLOUD NINE is a part of prestigious 'World Class' cocktail competition and member of 'Embassy of Champagne', meaning your cocktail is a genuine masterpiece, where premium spirits, traditional expertise and enthusiastic creativity are fused together in an exceedingly spectacular way. The bar menu is expertly divided into 9 parts, among them are: shots, hot cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, pre and after dinner drinks, sparklings, long-drinks etc. Each and every drink is Cloud Nine exclusive now-how. Their noble foie gras, gentle seafood, highborn meat international haute-cuisine is on the same sky-high-cloud-nine level. Selected lounge DJs play top-notch voguish deep house. Friendly, attentive, luxorious and playful!