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The Invisible World

In Riga, you have the chance to try a unique and transformative experience: an interactive space-museum known as "Neredzamā Pasaule". This museum offers visitors the opportunity to embark on a journey in complete darkness, guided by blind guides, where they explore their surroundings using senses other than sight. This journey not only includes tactile exploration but also involves engaging with various scents and tastes, making it a fully immersive experience. The museum hosts tours, team-building events, and other activities aimed at fostering empathy and understanding.

In ‘’Neredzamā Pasaule’’ each experience is designed to challenge your perceptions and broaden your understanding. There you will explore 5 different rooms.The first, you will navigate a living room in complete darkness, using touch to identify furniture and everyday objects. The second, you will explore an art museum by touch, recognizing statues and paintings through their textures and shapes. Discover the beauty of art without relying on sight. Third, immerse yourself in a food market where you rely solely on smell and touch to identify foods and spices. Fourth, navigate a city street and nature park, experiencing the environment through sounds and touch. Encounter traffic, nature, and urban life without sight. Finally, relax in a café where you’ll enjoy drinks and snacks in total darkness, savoring the flavors and aromas without visual distractions.

Founded by Maksims Mihejevs, "Neredzamā Pasaule" aims to break stereotypes and foster empathy. Inspired by a similar concept abroad, Maksims, who is visually impaired, created this museum to show that the absence of one sense can enhance others. Join us for an unforgettable journey that changes how you perceive the world and yourself!