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Riga Film Museum

11.00- 18.00
Thr 13.00-20.00, Sat 11.00- 16.00. Closed Sun.
The compact and cosy Riga Film Museum houses a labyrinthine exposition space, a miniature film theatre room used for regular film screenings, and a cinematheque offering a plethora of significant Latvian and foreign films. Instead of a permanent exhibition the museum periodically curates unique shows - the current exhibit traces the childhood and dramatic later life and work of the Riga-born cinematic genius, world-acclaimed Russian film director and theoretician Sergei Eisenstein. There are some 32 000 Latvian and world film history testaments in the Riga Film Museum collection - documents, photographs, set and costume sketches, film equipment etc., including a unique Soviet Latvian amateur film collection. The Riga Film Museum collection is regularly utilized by the media, film studios, students and others interested in film