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Buono Buono

Closed Mon
Authentic pugliese style pizzas by passionate tasteful intelligent locals: Krists Spruksts and Raitis Menkins. As pizzaiolla chef, Raitis, whose DJ alter ego is equally renowned, brings back a treasure trove of experiences from his travels through Italy, honing his craft in both humble and upscale Puglia region pizzerias. Buono Buono pizzas, embodying the essence of Puglia, boast an enticingly thin crust yet remarkably juicy, thanks to a meticulous 12-hour fermentation process. Fired up in a blazing 400°C wood oven imported from Naples, each pizza emerges with a perfect char and irresistible aroma, courtesy of Buono Buono. Toppings are a celebration of Italian regional specialties, from succulent grilled artichokes to spicy n’duja, creamy straciatella to crunchy pistachios, and tangy tapenadas married to DOCG Italian wines. Among their creations, the Caro Adriano pizza stands out, a heartfelt dedication to Chef Raitis's son. Not forgetting vegans, they offer an array of plant-based pizzas, pastas, and salads. Their space is a fusion of authenticity and hipster charm, perpetually buzzing with stylish Rigans eager to savor a slice of culinary creativity.