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Mr. Fox

Sat, Sun– closed
Superb contemporary eater's concept, we would even call it 'real-life gastronomic application', developed thanks to the girl-power of immensely experienced and amiable Anna and Karina (also arbOOz confectionary, next door). At Mr. Fox you are fine-tuning and totally adjusting your seasonal meal to your mood and vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/lactose-free preferences. Their menu looks like a painters pallete, you choose the vegan base and complete it with seafood, corn chicken or tofu dishes. They use sous-vide and stir-fry to keep all nutrients alive. Ask for the day-cake/tarte tailor-made by arbOOz confectionary. Many healthy take-away options. Set in the snug'n'chummy mid-century chic interior. Adored by locals!