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Ala Verdi

2nd floor
Closed – Monday
It is a matter of honour for Caucasus origin owner, to introduce you into amazingly rich, natural, healthy and delicious Georgian cuisine traditions. Their hearty Georgian chef, Shota Mujirishvili makes everything on the spot, sauces (adjika, tkemali) from Tbilisi exported spices and local veggies, hinkali– big dumplings, made to keep the stock inside are never frozen, prepared only when you order them, suluguni cheese is also handmade. Also Georgians are unbeatable grill masters. All is paired with rare, niche Georgian wines. You can describe it in one word, which exists only in Georgian language: Shemomechama (means it was so delicious that I ate everything). Also amazing, exclusive b&w photo gallery from Tbilisi Photography Museum.