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Heart of a Dog. Mikhail Bulgakov

What makes a human being a human being? Philosophers, scientists, and writers have been trying to answer this question from time immemorial... And any of us, probably, happened to think about it. Mikhail Bulgakov once thought about it, too, and in an extremely talented manner, with his characteristic sensitivity and irony.

So, an outstanding scientist conducts a bold experiment, using the latest science and technology, as a result of which he turns a dog into a man. The homeless Sharik, a smart and affectionate dog, gets a human body, an ability to speak, a name, documents, even a job. But the personality of the new member of society is developing in an unexpected direction. Perhaps it's just because of the society... Or because of the personality... Or..?

Dmitry Petrenko, the staging director: "For me, Bulgakov's life itself is a story about that human freedom is the highest value, and truth is a particular and very practical concept. This is not a philosophical category, which can be endlessly discussed. It is an instrument of his work and his life. By truth, Bulgakov measures the people of his time, including himself. "Heart of a Dog" can still be read today as a guide to life in a society, where you need to remain human in any circumstances and with any people, even if you are just a stray dog."

Surtitles in Latvian and English.

In order to read conveniently, it's recommemnded to choose seats not closer than Row 6!