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It's been three days since Emperor Caligula disappeared, and there is no news about him. Neither unnerved senators nor worried friends know the reason for his disappearance. Perhaps, the recent death of his beloved sister is to blame. Or perhaps, the Ceasar is ill. Or perhaps it's time to think about who will now lead the state? Well, there are enough of those who are wiling to. However, Caligula returns. Yet he has changed - and now he intends to change the world, too.

The play, which Albert Camus began to write in 1938 and finished in 1944, is one of the most popular works by this author: deeply ironic, unobtrusively philosophical and truly fascinating. Moreover, in Ancient Rome, they solved some extremely relevant issues, while the characters could live in our neighbourhood right now.

Director Sergey Golomazov: «This musical-dramatic production is about the destructive nature of human hubris and moral willfulness as well as about the no less destructive need to create idols. In a sense, we explore the mechanism of turning a bright idealist into a monster, who has stopped appreciating life – both someone else's and their own; in a tyrant, who seeks salvation from his own disappointment and pain by causing suffering to others. To get out of such a pit, you need courage, inner faith, love for mankind. Otherwise, the monster is doomed. As reassuring as this thought is on a historical scale, it is important to understand how one becomes a Caligula, - and how to prevent this, if at all possible».

Sergey Golomazov

Surtitles in Latvian and English.
In order to read conveniently, it's recommemnded to choose seats not closer than Row 6!