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Necklace Self-analysis; Una Mikuda; model: Asnāte Jakubāne; photo: Mārtiņš Cīrulis; make up: Viktorija Breikša; 2023; materials: lighting cable, silver; 500 x 250 x 100 mm.
08.02.2024. - 21.04.2024.
Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

Exhibition by jewellery art association
Jewellery Art Association's exhibition Touch-sensitive will present the broad spectrum of jewellery art from different generations and styles, highlighting the development and succession in the field. In the new exhibition, the works of 23 artists from Jewellery Art Association will be placed in the context of their makers and wearers.

The idea of the exhibition Touch-sensitive is based on stories about people, the jewellery they have chosen and the artists behind the works. The title of the exhibition also describes the nature of jewellery – to have physical contact with people. The exhibition will present the artists' newly-created original works, the stories about the creative experience of each designer and the moment when the piece of jewellery meets its new owner. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the magic allure of jewellery, the diversity of contemporary means of expression, to get to know the specifics of jewellery and the synergy of the diverse materials.

Artists from the Jewellery Art Association who are taking part in the exhibition: Aleksandra Federika Krastiņa, Andris Lauders, Anita Savicka, Anna Fanigina, Daria Svirel, Ginta Grūbe, Gints Strēlis, Guntis Lauders, Jānis Brants, Jānis Vilks, Jelizaveta Suska, Laura Selecka, Maija Vītola-Zitmane, Māris Auniņš, Māris Šustiņš, Mārīte Rudzāte, Paula Treimane, Pēteris Ripa, Rasma Pušpure, Una Mikuda, Valdis Brože, Vladislavs Čistjakovs, Zane Vilka.

Alongside artists' works the exhibition will show photographer Mārtiņš Cīrulis' photographic portraits providing a multi-faceted reflection of the visual dialogue between jewellery and its wearers. The artists have created jewellery for doctors, diplomats, philologists, students, teachers, painters, for themselves, their relatives, colleagues. Sound designer Pēteris Pāss has created for the exhibition a composition from recordings of the voices of the owners of jewellery.

The exhibition's unusual format, which focuses on the revelation of the perception of jewellery from the perspective of its wearers – users, will foster understanding about new experimental means of artistic expression and stimulate public interest in the development of the field of jewellery design. The educational programme prepared especially for the museum will ensure the promotion of discussion and dialogue in society.