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No-Objects. Jānis Straupe.

Jānis Straupe is one of the most untamed artists in Latvian design, whose work shows that wood as a raw material can be surprising and contemporary. The solo exhibition "Not-Objects", which will take place from 28 January to 26 March in the Great Hall of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, for the first time covers Jānis Straupe's creative works of the last twenty years, as well as reveals his new ideas - large-scale sculptural and kinetic objects.

Jānis Straupe is able to combine an admirable quality of craftsmanship with complexly innovative artistic thinking, working in the border zone between sculpture and conceptual design. He is passionate about experimentation, searching for new means of expression and employing complex technical solutions. The exhibition does not present functional design objects - it aims to expand the horizons of imagination and thought, to encourage us to look at the world and things around us from a different angle - critically, ironically and romantically.