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October 01, Friday - January 01, Saturday
The exhibition is based on the direction in the visual arts of Japan (1600-1868), which has become a global phenomenon - ukiyo-e engravings. Later on the engravings fascinated fashionable European artists, it was from them that the impressionists was taking inspiration, adopting new ways of expressiveness.

In literal translation, UKIYO-E means "floating world", originally meaning "mortal world". Then it was rethought, and they began to understand it as "the world of fleeting pleasures" and "the world of love."

Ukiyo-e prints owe their wide distribution during the Edo period (present-day Tokyo) to their relative cheapness. Initially, they had a purely utilitarian function: they advertised the services of the inhabitants of cheerful quarters of varying degrees of popularity and prestige, portrayed actors of the kabuki theater, illustrated all kinds of fiction.

In the Digital Art House art space, the Ukiyo-e direction will be presented as a fascinating immersion show accompanied by surrounding music.