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Christmas exhibition – sale

It's Christmas time. This year, we especially want to protect the light, the warmth of the heart and share it with others, so that together we can maintain spiritual strength and joy of life. Already last year, the gallery MuseumLV enriched the range of festive events with the exibition sale “100 works - 100 authors”, which delighted many visitors and allowed artists to share their visual stories. That is why this year we want to help everyone interested to meet different artists by enjoying their works of art and maybe buy a unique gift for himself or some close person.

We intend our Christmas exhibition as a snowstorm of colors, which you can indulge and capture the feelings of different seasons through paintings, travel the world of fantasy and see the beauty of the most ordinary everyday things through the eyes of the artist. People able to find the joy of holydays through hearing, seeing, feeling something reminiscent of the feast of childhood - as they were expected and finally brought many moments of happiness. The joy of the holiday comes with remembering experiences with dear people. The joy of the holiday is also a new impressions we get when we let the whirlwind of the holiday season go, when we go to look for ideas on how to surprise our loved ones or enjoy the beauty that surrounds us just like glittering holiday decorations. We hope that one of the shining sources of joy will be the Christmas exhibition of the gallery MuseumLV.

Such artists as Ilze Muceniece Ademaite, Andris Biezbārdis, Andrejs Bovtovičs, Maija Brašmane, Dagnija Čerevičnika, Agnija Ģērmane, Matiass Jansons, Inga Jurova, Laine Kainaize, Ieva Kalēja, Līga Kalniņa, Linda Kozule, Anna Kustikova, Ilze Laizāne, Ieva Liepiņa, Dita Lūse, Irēna Lūse, Vadims Markevičs, Silvija Meškone, Eduards Mihelovičs, Jana Mikosa, Aleksejs Naumovs, Nukzars Paksadze, Karine Paronyanc, Aleksandrs Petrovs, Rita Pranča, Rakhmets Radžepovs, Olga Smirnova, Rita Uļjanova, Evija Veidemane, Nele Zirnīte, Dina Zoldnere, Jurijs Zujevs, Vivita Zuzule and many other artists will participate in the exhibition with their works of art.