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Peer Gynt

The story of Ibsen’s five-act verse drama Peer Gynt (1867) takes place in various very distant places (including Egypt) and depicts the fate of the opportunistic globetrotter Peer Gynt who returns home Norway as an old man after many adventures in order finally to meet with Solveig, who waited faithfully for him her whole life and represents his last chance for redemption. Following the tradition of the contemporary ballet story-telling, a new ballet creation by an internationally acclaimed Slovenian choreographer Edward Clug will take us to realms of intoxicating self-irony, absurd and surrealism, which are reflected also in enchanting melodies and poetic dreams of Grieg’s incidental and concert music.

Martins Ozolins
Music Director and Conductor

Farhads Stade

Edward Clug

Marko Japelj
Set Designer

Leo Kulaš
Costume Designer