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Tradition gala concert is a brilliant culmination of Inessa Galante’s music feast. As usually, listeners will experience an emotional explosion because of the variety of styles and genres, Latvian and foreign artists’ and young talents’ performances and many surprises. Only in the Gala Galante concert, together with Inessa Galante, listeners have a chance to see so many stars on one stage: charming mezzo-soprano Olesya Petrova (Олеся Петрова, Russia), outstanding Latvian vocalists in their genres Sergejs Jegers and Intars Busulis, as well as legendary jazz pianist Daniel Kramer (Даниил Крамер, Russia). Moreover, neo-swing queen Alice Francis (Romania/Germany) will beautify the evening, but behind the conductor’s desk, there will be the artistic director of the festival Ekhart Wycik (Germany). An integral part of the festival program is the laureates of Inessa Galante Talents competition – they will perform both solo and together with famous musicians and surprise listeners with their talent and growing skills, make them smile and feel proud of our country’s artistic potential.