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Kino Citadele

Opened on October 31, 2001, Kino Citadele was the first multiplex film theatre in Latvia and is still one of the largest and most contemporary film theatres in the Eastern Europe. Six floors of the film theatre hold 14 auditoriums, two balconies, the bar Jameson Lounge, the café Casa Blanca, a popcorn stand, a candy shop and a box office. Kino Citadele is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies - Dolby sound system, 35 mm Cinemehanica film projectors, Barco and Christie 3D digital projectors and XpanD 3D system.

Amphitheatre type seats with the most comfortable chairs located in an angle against the screen provide an outstanding and constant picture and sound quality all over the auditorium. Auditorium 1 has the largest screen in the Northern Europe (242 m2; 24.20 m wide and 10 m high).  

Don't miss cafe Casa Blanca where one can have a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of wine. Magnificent panorama of Riga opens from the terrace of the bar Jameson Lounge. For those who prefer watching a film in a more private atmosphere the film theatre offers a possibility of choosing a seat in balconies with 81 and 64 seats each. Here spectators can use tables during the show and enjoy drinks bought at the bar Jameson Lounge right next to the entrance in the balcony. The number of film halls is the main advantage of the film theatre - its 14 auditoriums allow us to offer films of different genres, transmissions of exclusive concerts, opera and ballet performances as well as sports games, thus providing almost limitless choice for any audience and mood.